Our first theme is under construction

My desk
My desk

Hello all, my name is Nicoletta, I am designer here at Red Cherries and I am currently working on my first theme.

I have to admit as a designer I love paper, I always start with my pencil and a couple of sheets of white paper. Computer will came… later.

If you are wondering why I am starting from paper for a theme design, I can tell you that no computer tool gives me the freedom and the speed I need when I am sketching.

I am so exited for the work I am doing, I will do my best to create something beautiful and welcoming. I like to think that people feels at home when visiting websites I design.

Starting to play

Today I started to play with some little idea for a wordpress theme.

I started thinking about a blue bar so I used that idea for a menu background, with a little vertical gradient to make it more alive. I love math so I thought that could be cool to put a background with a combination of the 4 basic math operators.

Here you can see the result.

Draft for wordpress theme
Draft for wordpress theme

Let’s start

Here we are again, with a new initiative.

After working  many years as a developer I decided to make a little change in my career.  Nowadays wordpress is everywhere, people is using it in order to do amazing things, so I told mysef: “Why don’t start again from wordpress?”.

I set an account on, I subscribed to Slack in order to follow the conversation of the core wordpress team and I started to think: “Uhm, well, what can I do now?”.

I think I am going to design some theme, maybe I will have a little fun developing some plugin. We will see.